Cutting Stone with Water Jet

Complete Stone Water Jet Cutting Service

Cutting Natural Stone
With Water Jet Technology

We give you the best cutting quality for marble, granite, slate, soapstone, limestone, travertine, engineered stone or any other material for floors and counters; stones, porcelain, or ceramic tile for artistic work such as inlays, signs or medallions.

Water jet cutting is mainly being used today to shape natural stone into custom shapes and designs. This new technology is having major implications in the fashion and design industry in a very big way.

Our 5-axis Water Jet allows cutting of shapes, inlays and custom designs for a variety of applications. For interior, we can create custom medallions, mosaics, tabletop or countertop inserts for various items.

Mosaics are perfect for kitchen countertops, a backsplash, or for flooring. You may want a favorite quote on your kitchen backsplash…a floral design or checkered pattern into a tabletop or kitchen island.

Advantages of Water jet Cutting Compared to Laser Cutting

  • Cut Almost Any Type Of Material

Compared with other fabrication techniques, waterjets can handle just about any material or product that a traditional cutters can. In addition, materials like plastics, rubber, laminated materials, stone, glass, or materials with uneven surfaces can all be handled through waterjet cutting.

  • No Heat Affected Zone with Waterjet

Since Waterjet cutting does not generate extreme heat it does not change the properties of metal nor causing any thermal distortion. On the other hand this can occur with laser cutting.

  • Waterjets are Environmentally Friendly

Abrasive Waterjets will typically use garnet as the abrasive material.Garnet is non-reactive that is biologically inert. Waterjets also use much less water than may imagine thanks to its closed-looped system.

  • Better Tolerances on Thicker Parts

Waterjetting offers better tolerances on parts thicker than 0.5″. Both waterjets and lasers offer comparable tolerances for thinner materials.

  • Better Edge Finish

Waterjets cut with fine sanded-blasted surface finish, which makes it easier to make a high-quality weld for that part. Laser cut material appears to have a rougher, scaly edge which may require additional work and machining to clean up.

Get a Custom Quote within One Business Day

A dedicated representative from Medalsco will help manage your project start to finish. We will help get a drawing of your item to the point where a CAD file can be produced, and communicate with you during the process to insure your item meets your requirements.

Need a Quick Quote?

Need it fast? We understand that you may need your part fast, so go ahead and please submit your file. We will review your file and will get back to you within one business day.


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