Glass & Mirror Water Jet Cutting Service

The Water jet Cutting Glass Process Offers You Flexibility That No Other Cutting Process Can Do.

When you need reliable water jet cutting solutions, Medalco has you covered.

  • Water jet machining is a cold cutting process that makes it suitable for automotive, medical and aerospace applications where the product can not be affected by heat.Almost every type of cutting is possible, from the use of water jet tables for quick hole drilling to detailed cuts for most industrial applications.

Key Benefits of Cutting Glass with Water jet

  • Cut complex patterns easily
  • Increased productivity, fast cutting and high-quality parts
  • Minimal kerf allows incredible detail
  • Raw material savings
  • Low operating cost Omni-directional cutting, even at tight inside corners
  • No need for extensive part clamping, minimal lateral or vertical forces
  • Single-pass cutting, depending on material thickness
  • Cut glass geometry that can not be done by common machining

Get a Custom Quote within One Business Day

A dedicated representative from Medalsco will help manage your project start to finish. We will help get a drawing of your item to the point where a CAD file can be produced, and communicate with you during the process to insure your item meets your requirements.

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Need it fast? We understand that you may need your part fast, so go ahead and please submit your file. We will review your file and will get back to you within one business day.


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